Who is the Showroom Star?

Right, your furniture project! You get full attention in peace and quiet. This is the reason why we work on appointment only.


The huge variety of manufacturers and fixtures, that through multipliers like product versions, materials and colours raises to an infinite flood of options, confronts with an overwhelmingly vast choice. Now you have found your partner regarding overview, commitment and flexibility.


The economic law of diminishing returns - slightly modified - can nicely be transposed to furnishing: A constant input of funds will deliver a better - close to the optimum - result when combined with derivative factors such as passion, product knowledge and time.


The choice of premium segment manufacturers in the online-showroom gives a preview to good times in new ambience. It is meant to inspire and shows a subset of manufacturers listed with us. Please contact us regarding additional manufacturers, we are flexible!


We will be glad to work with your architect. Or you choose one of our partners: A small choice of renowned Austrian architects, internationally educated and experienced, promises modern and confidently stylish results.


If you are looking for that you have found the right place. There is no accounting for tastes. But for everything else.